Is homeopathy the same as naturopathy?
Some people use these two terms interchangeably. However, they do not mean the same thing. Homeopathy does use remedies made from substances in nature, but a naturopath may not be trained in homeopathy. It is a distinct modality.

Is homeopathy safe? Does it have side effects?
Homeopathy practiced by its principles is safe, & has no side-effects. The key is to find a reliable practitioner with appropriate training.

Can I continue my regular medication alongside with homeopathy?
Yes. Homeopathic remedies work alongside mainstream medicine, and do not interfere. Mainstream medicine comes in material doses, and homeopathic remedies are dynamic in nature. The homeopath’s aim is to reduce the dependence on medication, but when starting out with the homeopathic process, one can take both alongside. With time, as the system strengthens, one must consult with the doctor first, before making changes in the doses of mainstream medicine.

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